Not sure what to read next? Overwhelmed by the options?

Looking to gift a book to a loved one? Not sure what to get them?

Are you on the hunt for a long-lost story from your childhood?

Not sure where to even begin looking?

If any of the preceding questions sound familiar, then have no fear! Emily is here!

I am happy to help you find the perfect book, new or used, for you. 

Depending on what you are looking for, there are several options.

There is the straightforward Bookshop Loyalty Program:

For every book that you order from our bookshop (with emailed proof of order), you get a point. When you reach 20 points (20 books) I thank you with a $10 gift card! Easy Peasy.

Note: we don't currently have the space to store books/ sell directly, so we have teamed up with - where the sales from our page support our store and the books ship directly from their warehouses to you!

Not sure what to get? The next level up is the Personal Shopping Service:

$25 for the initial order, I find out what you like to read and I order books for you based on that information, and the books will be shipped directly to you!

This can be a one-time thing or a reoccurring thing!

If you decide to continue the service (and I hope you do) the service fee goes down to $15 an order!

Looking for the books of your childhood, or randomly obscure titles? I love searching for hidden treasures and lost gems!:

1-4 Books: $25 fee, plus the cost of the books & shipping.

5+ Books: $50, plus the cost of the books & shipping. 

We will discuss the price limit for each book, and the quality of which is available. When the books are found, I will invoice you the final price and then have the books shipped to you!